Automatic sliding and swinging gates deliver high-performance time after time in the most demanding of environments. MDS electric sliding gates can span openings of 10 metres (single leaf) or up to 20 metres (double leaf).

A range of finishes and access control security solutions are available. We also offer high quality, professional installation and maintenance services of our gate automation systems if required.

Electric Gates Specification & Design

  • Electric cantilever gates are designed to run over the road surface with on average a nominal gap of 100mm from the underside of the gate.
  • These types of automated gate systems are typically specified if the ground is uneven. They also are an ideal solution where ducts and underground services are to be avoided.
  • Running on heavy duty full-length ground fixed track they are built to be robust and reliable in heavy-duty use.
  • Typically spanning access routes from 2 to 10 metres wide with heights up to 2.4 metres. However, we can specify an entry gate to meet your exact site requirements.

Configuration Options

  • Sliding cantilever and tracked automatic gate systems come in 2 main ranges. These are 2 metres to 6-metre openings and from 6 metres to 10-metre openings. Other sizes are available on request.
  • Standard heights of 1.8 metres, 2 metres and 2.4 metres are the most popular choice. However, we can also manufacture entrance gates to meet your exact requirements.
  • Popular options for security gate infills include Palisade, bar infill, wrought iron and mesh. We can also offer wood, aluminium and plastics. MDS gates manufacture to your bespoke design.
  • Our automatic sliding gates fitted with safety devices as standard to fully comply with European regulations. Don’t accept anything less!
  • Contact us today for a free site survey and we’ll help you to make the right choice for your site.

Access Control For Electric Gates

  • MDS automatic gate systems integrate with our wide range of access control security solutions to provide easy access to permitted users.
  • Access control panels can be mounted on our automatic sliding gates. These can be placed at a convenient height for car and truck drivers. Pedestrian controls are also available.
  • Choose from several integrated solutions including push button, card reader, proximity sensors coin or token-based systems.

Gate Installation

  • Sliding and automatic electric gate systems come already assembled and simply drop onto a prepared foundation.
  • Our installation service can take care of the hard work for you. We can also carry out the ground works necessary to prepare the foundations.
  • Choose supply only or full installation services as required. This includes the installation of access control solutions for secure and reliable operation of the gate and automatic gate opener
  • MDS maintenance services can help ensure optimum operation and reliability of your electric gates for years to come.

We can also provide a wide range of CCTV systems, perimeter fences and automatic driveway gates.